Patients satisfaction

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Patients satisfaction


Quoted from original patients’ letters and e-mails

Good morning,
I have been receiving treatment at the San Luca Hospital in P.le Brescia since 2009.
I am sending this e-mail to say thank you and to praise Dr. G. B. Perego and the “Telemedicine” unit (I wear a defibrillator).
From the first episode in 2009 to today I have always been attended by all the persons who have treated me with great professionalism, but also with manners and methods which have restored the confidence I needed….

Dr. Facchini Mario, I would like to express a big thank you to you and your staff.
These are just a few words inspired by a profound admiration and the most dutiful appreciation for the treatment, the assistance, the patience and the strength that you have given me.
Even the brief period spent in your ward together with you has given me the opportunity to assess and observe your work in a very positive way and now I can say with confidence that yours is not a job, but a mission that you perform with passion, love and care towards your patients….

Dear Sirs,
This morning I collected the satisfaction questionnaire and I concentrated on the "numbers".

Then I paused and I felt a strong need to express my opinion more completely believing that, since it is right to complain when necessary, it is just as right to highlight the positive aspects and satisfaction for the treatment received.
And based on my experience at San Luca, I can only express my complete satisfaction and most sincerethanks to everyone.
I live in Rome and I felt unwell during the night between the 13th and 14th while staying at a hotel in Milan; the ambulance transported me to the accident and emergency unit at San Luca Hospital, this is a hospital (that I must confess) I did not know existed. From that moment, also realising what was happening to me, I put my complete trust in the persons who had promptly "taken charge" of me and I can now say that I made the right decision.
The professionalism of your staff is undoubtedly at the highest levels and I believe that this praise is not something new for you; but I wish to highlight another aspect that particularly impressed me: everyone's kindness and helpfulness.
I will start from the nursing staff and auxiliaries: they are all wonderful and their approach to patients is polite and impeccable; and if to this we also add the smile and calmness in the relationship with everyone, then we attain the highest level.

Now I will speak about the medical staff; many doctors can be good, but I can assure you that for a patient (particularly if the patient is "frightened") it is essential to "perceive"this competence and to trust them:
both Dr. Blengino who performed the coronary angiography and Dr. Fratianni who assisted me during the subsequent rehabilitation phase were professional, very kind and exhaustive in the preliminary information provided and as regards the procedure to be followed and, an essential aspect, they reassured me and put me at my ease, however, without ever hiding anything.
And then what can be said about Mrs. Linda in the admissions office: she was extremely kind.
My "heartfelt"; thanks to everyone (a phrase that is always true and especially in this case).


F.a.o. the Office.
I was admitted to your Clinic in the Orthopaedics Department, 4th Floor and I must confess that I was pleasantly surprised with the treatment received. The kindness, cleanliness, professionalism and organisation of ALL the staff, doctors, ward sister, nurses, healthcare professionals and assistants, extending to the catering and cleaning service were of the highest quality. I believe you are a good example of the efficient operation of the Lombard Health Service and for this, as a citizen, I thank you wholeheartedly and I ask you to convey the sentiments I have expressed to all the staff.
Best wishes.


Good morning Dr. Lo Grillo, I am writing this e-mail to express my thanks to all the staff of the clinic, to you in particular, who not only remained close to my father, but also to all of us by telephone, for the helpfulness and above all the professionalism when treating my father, my thanks also to Prof. Rigatti. This is the first time I have experienced such helpfulness in a healthcare facility, also considering the significant distance that separated my father from his family during the days spent in hospital in Milan, I found in you all the kindness, caring and dedication that a close relative could have given him.
I wish you every success in your work and one day I hope to meet you all personally.