Prof. Patrizio Rigatti

During his career Prof. Patrizio Rigatti has performed approximately 50,000 surgical operations with particular attention paid to urologic oncology, to urethral, bladder and ureter reconstructive surgery.
Prof. Rigatti directed the Urology Division from 1990 and during this time he participated in the European programmes of the E.O.R.T.C. (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer) to research and treat cancer of the genitourinary tract.

Prof. Rigatti has great experience in the treatment of prostate cancer (having performed more than 4,000 operations) for which he intervenes using both traditional surgical methods and with the support of robot-assisted laparoscopy; in the treatment of kidney cancer (with the removal of atrial cavity thrombi in extracorporeal circulation, when necessary), in the treatment of bladder tumour (performing various urinary diversions and adopting personalised bladder reconstruction techniques), in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia using different methods including green light laser.

Prof. Rigatti was one of the first doctors in Europe to use local hypothermia in the treatment of superficial bladder tumours, when treating benign and malignant prostatic diseases and is the author of numerous original studies relating to intracavitary hypothermia, Synergo technology and heat therapy.

In the field of andrology Prof. Rigatti was one of the first doctors to apply penile prostheses to treat impotency.

Prof. Rigatti introduced to Italy the treatment of prostate cancer by ultrasound guided interstitial radiotherapy (Brachytherapy), and cryoablation with third-generation probes.

Prof. Rigatti was also responsible for Paediatric Urology with the intention of fostering scientific research to resolve the numerous problems which arise in these young patients, creating a paediatric section in the Department and has gathered the most important European case histories on the reconstruction of external genitalia in sexual ambiguity (adreno-genital syndrome).


Prof. Rigatti is the author of more than 1,200 scientific publications on urological topics which concern all the areas of the discipline.

For many years his Department has been the absolute leader in terms of the number of abstracts accepted in the European and American Congresses of Urology. Under his direction the San Raffaele Department of Urology was judged overall first in Europe and seventh in the world in a Current Ranking Score prepared by the colleagues in Philadelphia and published by the Journal of the European Association of Urology in October 2011.

Prof. Rigatti is a member of the Editorial Board of numerous urological journals and the author of chapters on Urology for numerous textbooks adopted by the Faculties of Medicine and Surgery.

He is the author of numerous scientific publications which represent a reference point regarding radical prostatectomy, adrenalectomy and renal lumpectomy operations with the variant of cryoablation of renal tumours.